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CellCards: An Integrative System of Cell Cards

CellCards is a web program that collects, annotates, and provides two types of cell cards: (i) Cards of individual cell types, such as podocyte, and (ii) Cards of cell connectomes. A cell connectome is a group of cell types that collectively form a functional unit such as the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS).

Cards of Cell Types:

With intensive cell research, it is desired to integrate knowledge and data for individual cell types. Examples include:

Cards of Cell Connectomes:

Two general types of cell connectomes are represented: (i) Connectomes of cells that are in direct or proximate contact and work together as a functional unit, and (ii) Connectomes of cells that functionally connected via networks of messaging molecules such as hormones and cytokines. Examples include:

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